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You don’t have to be a gambler to travel to the awesome city of Las Vegas. In fact, if you enjoy gambling, that’s just the bonus! Las Vegas has a lot more to offer for everyone! Not only do you

Luggage Woes*** Avoiding extra fees As a North Americans traveling domestically and abroad, we seem to get caught up in options and what-ifs. The excitement builds before every trip that I have to take. Thinking about the itinerary, what I will be

Usually for a girls trip to happen you need at least a FEW good friends.  Sometimes it may turn out to be  a larger number as friends do invite other friends who may click with the group.  Nonetheless, women getting

So you just booked your cruises and wondering what to pack to make your cruising experience a little more memorable. In the Chart below is a list of cruise line and there alcohol restrictions.   Cruise Line        Alcohol Policy &

IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Suites The IBEROSTAR Rose Hall Suites is a 5-star All Inclusive luxury hotel. The personalized guest services make this resort a premiere choice for family vacations, romantic getaways or group travel to Jamaica. All guestrooms have been carefully appointed to meet