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Welcome to Jamaica

One of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean Jamaica is a definite must see on your bucket list.  The island of Jamaica is 4,441 sq. miles and is divided into three counties and 14 parishes; most popular being Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and the capital Kinston.  Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island and the largest English-speaking Caribbean island. It is a very mountainous country.  Blue Mountain Peak, the highest point, is 7,402 feet.

The annual average temperature is 80ºF. For every 1000 feet in altitude, the temperature drops 3.5ºF so that the Blue Mountain Peak has an annual average temperature of 56ºF.

The tides around the coast hardly vary. The difference between high and low tides is never more than 16 inches.

The Island has 120 rivers. Most flow to the coast from the central mountain ranges. Those on the northern mountain slopes tend to be shorter and swifter than those on the southern slopes.