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Las Vegas

You don’t have to be a gambler to travel to the awesome city of Las Vegas. In fact, if you enjoy gambling, that’s just the bonus! Las Vegas has a lot more to offer for everyone! Not only do you get to see many sights on the Vegas strip, but the sights outside of the strip like the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam are just a couple tour experiences that anyone can enjoy! There is also the fun and exciting downtown Las Vegas on Freemont Street where you can zipline, watch free live concerts, and more! Vegas has some of the best shows to see, including Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Penn and Teller, and many other shows and concerts by well-known artists. Buffets are another amazing experience! We must all eat! Vegas offers some of the best buffets. They can be as gourmet as you can imagine with choices that will make you crave coming back. The hotels in Las Vegas are amazing to see as you walk down the strip. And you can stay as high as 50+ stories in a luxury suite right on the strip. There is a place to stay within any budget in Las Vegas. It is a bonus to stay on the Vegas Strip as you can walk everywhere and not have to rent a vehicle. If you do decide to go venture somewhere like Freemont street downtown, or anywhere outside the strip you can catch an Uber or Lyft. Although when it comes to certain tours, for example, a Grand Canyon tour, that can sometimes include transportation. The nightlife in Vegas is also one of the best. From restaurants outside or inside to nightclubs on roofs. Some of my favorite activities include taking a party bus to a few different clubs for the night so you can check out the different scenes without worrying about long lines or cover charges.

I have only named a few things that people love and enjoy in Las Vegas. I think any time of year is fun to be in Vegas. It all depends on if you prefer hot weather, warm weather or cooler weather. Either way, it’s a city that never sleeps and you will be fully entertained during your trip!

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