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What to do on a long haul flight across the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean?


So we are heading down to Sydney, Australia for 12 days sightseeing and touring, so excited! But we have to be prepared for what we will do on a 15-hour flight non-stop from Los Angeles!

Just after take off, dinner is served and off to sleep we go! For those of us who do not sleep very well on airplanes, here are some of our recommendations of things you can do while on a long-haul flight:

  • Bring your favourite novel to catch up on your reading.
  • Download your favourite movies from Netflix so you can watch while you fly – no internet needed. Not All airlines has the movies most current movies so you definitely want to bring your favourites with you just in case.
  • Download puzzles on your phones or iPad and don’t worry about running out of power as most airlines either have an AC plug on the back of the seat in from of you or a USB outlet to charge your device.
  • If you love to write, these flights gives you lots of time to catch up on your writing.
  • Bring anything that will make you most comfortable during your flight.
  • Time your sleep carefully so you wake up to be duly awake at your destination so you can enjoy your first day. We are hitting the ground running on our first day in Brisbane.Don’t forget to bring a neck pillow and if you have space for airplane blanket, bring yours with you. The airlines surely provides blankets but I needed two to keep me warm.We all take photos on vacation to capture the memory, we have our hashtag ready and waiting to share with you on social media.We hope these little tips help you on your next long-haul flight across the Atlantic or the Pacific.