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4 of the Best “Quintas” In Lisbon For Your Destination Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect place to celebrate your upcoming vows? And want to opt-out of the more conventional destination wedding locations? Lisbon is the place to go!  Lisbon has some of the best venues with charming European landscapes that make for stunning backdrops. When you come to Lisbon, you’ll have it all so below we have listed some of these venues for you!

  • Quinta do Hespanhol

Boasting over 600 years of history, 60 hectares of land, and a picturesque valley, Quinta do Hespanhol is nothing short of perfection for your dream destination wedding. 

Built by João Lopes Perestrello, this wedding farmhouse has four courtyards, three breath-taking gardens, and a patio, all enveloped by woodlands and pine forests.

With three interconnected and multi-purpose reception rooms capable of hosting over 400 guests, this perfectly insulated and air-conditioned “Quinta” is all the perfection your wedding will ever need!

  • Quinta do Frade

Make your Instagram followers and friends swoon with the beautiful pictures taken at Quinta do Frade. Quinta do Frade has luscious, colorful, and bountiful flowers and trees that make for a drop-dead gorgeous backdrop for your dream wedding.

This dreamy outdoor wedding location has one of the most fantastic catering staff and an outstanding menu that will do your tongue justice.  

  • Quinta Fonte da Aranha

Quinta Fonte da Aranha has a professional wedding planner charged with making sure your dream destination goes off without a hitch. This would be a perfect option if you are looking for an all-in-one destination. 

Their top priority is that all you want is provided for you, so they employ the most capable hands to make sure that your dream wedding goes off without a hitch.

You get to leave all the arrangements to the staff and enjoy the surrounding green gardens’ coolness and towering palm trees. 

  • Quinta do Lumarinho

We label this a bride’s holy grail. This “Quinta” is located close to Lisbon and is somehow yet in the heart of the Portuguese countryside. It is the perfect venue for a charming rustic wedding.

One of the best parts is the flexibility they offer when it comes to your wedding party and yourself. They will meet all your requirements to make sure everyone is happy!

With Quinta do Lumarinho, you get a ton of services, a dream location, and an ambiance best experienced than described.


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