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Girls Trip

Usually for a girls trip to happen you need at least a FEW good friends.  Sometimes it may turn out to be  a larger number as friends do invite other friends who may click with the group.  Nonetheless, women getting away together has become more popular, so much so that a movie was made about it that ended up sparking even more interests for the ladies to take a Vacay.

Now in the movie, there were some wild scenes that some may say, “definitely looks like my type of scene” while others may say “definitely not”.  Every trip will be different based on the character of the ladies attending,  the destination and the activities or interests they may have.

Some Girl’s Trip may stay mainland USA and include visits to places like Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans or California. Having the main theme be about gambling, shows, pool parties, gastronomy, concerts, Wine Tasting, beach time and pampering are some of the most desired activities.  While others may want to venture a bit further and go internationally.

Going internationally has some of the same type of activities except everyone will need a passport to travel, an open mind to the different cultures that they may interact with and the opportunity to see a new destination. Spa and pampering is usually at the top of the list for most ladies but you can have so much more. It could be an authentic Thai massage or a  Tuk Tuk  ride in Thailand, an All-Inclusive experience and partying in Jamaica,  Wine and Gastronomy experience in Italy, a desert adventure and BBQ in Dubai,  ziplining in Costa Rica, a Jazz concert in St. Lucia, an underwater adventure to view the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or seeing the Big Five in Africa. At the end of the day, it is about bonding with each other, sharing experiences and discovering new and exciting destinations.

Thinking about your own Girl’s Trip? Here are some steps to get it started.

1. Decide on a group leader (it may be you!)
2. Think about where the group would like to go (anywhere in the world)
3. What month you would like to travel
4. Make a list of the ladies who will be going on the trip
5. Reach out to them and let them know  what you are planning
6. Get a count of those who are interested
7. Contact your travel agent to create the itinerary, budget and must-haves to attend
8. Send the details of the trip to the ladies
9. Pay for the trip (payment plans may be a plus)
10. Pack your bags and off you go!!

So, now that you know a bit more of what it takes to have a  Girl’s Trip, what are you waiting for?
Get started with some exciting plans today!

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