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How to Get a FREE Destination Wedding!

No, the title to this article was not a typo. You can actually have a destination wedding completely free in some resorts. Here’s the scoop on how you and your honey can tie the knot without paying for a ceremony: In a nutshell, there are resorts that will give you a free wedding ceremony just for having your honeymoon on their property. Some will even go so far as to not only include the ceremony, but a cake and a photographer too. Sound to good to be true? The good news is it’s not. You really can have a free wedding simply by having your honeymoon in the same destination you get married in. How cool is that?!?
Now that you know that FREE destination weddings really do exist, how can you ensure you aren’t getting scammed?

  • Choose reputable free destination wedding vendors. Your destination wedding specialist can help you wade through the muck to find the jewels. For example, hidden fees and restrictions can make that free wedding suddenly exceptionally pricey. When you book with Exquisite Vacations, Inc., however, they are on your side making sure you won’t be blindsided when the bill comes.
  • Get referrals from friends and relatives. Perhaps your sister’s boss’s daughter just got married and you heard the wedding was free. Reach out and ask them how they did it! You can learn more about the property from a couple that already did it before you and then replicate their experience.
  • Seek expert advice. Free destination weddings are not always available when you book directly. Hiring a certified travel agent is your fastest route to scoring the freebies because they are already in the know as to who can deliver them and who is blowing smoke. And, many vendors only offer the freebies to established agents working in the field.

In summary, there are several free destination wedding opportunities available. You just need to know where to find them. You don’t have to do this alone either! Exquisite Vacations, Inc. can assist you in designing your dream wedding for free. Call 305-892-3496 today!