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How to Choose a Resort for Your Destination Wedding

If all the world is a stage and you’re big show is your wedding, the sky is the limit as to how big or small your wedding production will be. As the popularity of destination weddings grows, many couples find themselves asking how to choose the right resort for their big day. Hopefully some of the ideas and tips below will help you and your future spouse determine the perfect place to say, “I do.”

  1. Consider that accessibility to the resort. If your location is too remote getting guests to attend will prove problematic. Of course, if it’s just the two of you or even a small group this won’t matter as much. However, you do need to consider things like distance to the resort from the airport as cab fares and other transportation costs can skyrockets before you know it.
  2. Does the resort have your dates and times available? Believe it or not, resorts can become booked solid as early as a year before your wedding date. If it’s a popular destination or you are visiting in peak season, some resorts may be unable to accommodate you.
  3. Is it within your price range? It’s not secret that some resorts can cost you as well as your guests an arm and a leg. Sometimes a gorgeous place can simply cost too much to stay at, and the entire reason you wanted a destination wedding was to save money.
  4. How’s the setting? Just because the backdrop of the destination is beautiful for a wedding doesn’t mean the backdrop of the resorts available has a spectacular view.
  5. How are the reviews of the place? It can look awesome online and be atrocious in real life. You want a resort that has friendly staff, great upkeep/maintenance, plenty of rooms just in case you do have a large group and nice rooms that you would be comfortable sleeping in.
  6. Will the resort be renovating or under construction at the time of your wedding? This isn’t exactly advertised, so it’s a really good idea to work with a destination wedding specialist to keep informed of things like this.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of things you should look for in your destination wedding resort. Give Exquisite Vacations, Inc. a call today (305) 892-3496 and let’s see if we can find the perfect resort for your wedding day.