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Where to travel for your Spring Break

Spring break isn’t always about drinking the night away or a wild girl’s night out especially when it involves your family, but don’t worry we’ve got some tips to guide you!

First things first, spring break is known for being college students’ “season” to get crazy right? So, to avoid the craziness plan your trip towards the end of March when most colleges are back in session.

Tip two, avoid popular destinations! This means no: Cancun, Montego Bay, the Bahamas, South Padre Island off of the state of Texas, and nowhere in Florida. This doesn’t mean take your family to some far away land either, just stay clear of anywhere that looks like it belongs in a commercial.

Finally, choose a destination that’s family friendly. How to do that? Think about Disney World in Orlando or Universal Studios – every time you see the commercials they have you feeling as if you can’t have a good time without being with your family. Look for vacations that are promoted as family friendly or even a ski trip may open your mind to other possible ideas that could even be better than your original plan. The best way to get great deals for Spring Break is to plan early and take advantage of early booking bonus and payment plans offered by most travel advisors.

Remember – the fun doesn’t stop for anyone, why should it stop for you?