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What’s your favorite airline(s)?

What’s your favorite airline(s)?

Have you ever watched at the airport the difference with the checkin and boarding process of each airlines?

While most have similar check in procedures, some have different  boarding concepts.

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Having traveled to the Caribbean, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, South Africa and  Downunder, I had the opportunity to fly with many airlines to my destinations.

Today was my second time flying Southwest Airlines and i had to remember this airlines board their flights based on groups A, B, C while others offers priority boarding which you can gain from miles you have earned or the type of ticket you purchased for your trip.

When traveling for a destination wedding or with children, clients always choose the airlines that offers bags for free! Southwest Airlines offers up to 2 bags at 50 pounds for each passenger.

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While some of our clients likes to fly Delta, American and United depending on their destination, if you have a credit card associated with one of these airlines, you may have one bag for free.

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For our frequent flyers and depending on how many miles you have, you could also be eligible for not only free bags but you can use your miles to purchase flights and upgrades for that special trip.

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The essence of this article is be loyal to your airlines from your preferred airport and build up your miles that will eventually give you some airlines loyalty status.

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Consider what airline you will fly on your next trip!