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Western Australia

Whatever time of the year you decide to visit Western Australia, the breathtaking environment, friendly locals, and timeless sunny days all await you. Imagine diving with one of the world’s biggest fish or swim amongst wild dolphins, or even snorkeling in clear blue waters with manta rays.  On land, experience walking in the midst of ancient trees, or resting under the stars in the desert, or even discovering the beehive-like shapes of the Bungle Bungles!

The vast mixture of sceneries and weather indicates that there’s always a profusion of sunshine, making this part of Australia a perfect destination all year round. The various district regions of Western Australia start with Australia’s western entry capital, Perth which offers a relaxing lifestyle that includes many different things to see and do such as the gorgeous Swan River, Kings Park, or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the ocean. Looking for something simpler? Enjoy a sun-filled afternoon whilst drinking cold beer at an al fresco pub.

The South West part from the city leads visitors to the best class wineries, tall trees woods, and deluxe accommodations.  All these narrow off to a strip of coastal surroundings of comforting bays and rivers mostly edged with giant granite rocks and unspeakable views!  These parts give a feel of rural Australian life along with tranquil country hideaways and isolated cabins.

If you’re into history, you’ll find the Golden Outback a place of historic communities, impressive outback and goldfields, wide fields with a view of red ground horizons, and twinkling starry nights. For visitors looking for Australian frontier escapades, if you head further to North West, you’ll find vestige rainforest, crimson canyons, huge cattle stations, and original personalities, primeval Aboriginal culture, and distinctive quality lodging.

The absolute range of Western Australia, restless days of sunshine, pristine azure skies, and beautiful beaches brings back visitors every time to discover the vast number and collection of vacation possibilities.  So yea, Western Australia is the genuine Australian experience.

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