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Must-See Places In Jamaica For The Wedding Party

The time is coming! You are tying the knot with your dreamed partner, and together, you both decided there is no better way to celebrate this unique occasion than by doing a destination wedding in one of the most exuberant locations in the world, Jamaica! There’s no doubt everyone will enjoy the celebrations, from granny to your cousins and baby nephew. It’s sure to be the time of your life! Now, what’s remaining left to do is hiring the professional services of a capable travel agency to book and schedule for you the fun things to do in Jamaica. Don’t know who to call? Well, let me tell you there’s no one better for this job than Exquiste Vacations, Inc., a travel agency located in Miami, offering Jamaica wedding packages for groups. 


Pack Up Your Bags and Have Fun in Jamaica

Jamaica is an English speaking tropical Caribbean island, located just a short 50-minute flight away from Miami. Isn’t it the perfect vacation spot to have an out of the ordinary adventure with your closest pals and family?


The country is rich in transcending culture and gastronomy, joined by resounding musical vibes that moved generations, and idyllic sceneries worthy of the most romantic daydreams. 


Each quality created the perfect wave for the emergence of magnificent hotel infrastructure, more than adequate to host special celebrations in the most unforgettable way.


Give it a go and start planning your dreamt moments. Whether it is a bachelorette or bachelor party, a wedding, or group event, feel assured this colorful and delightful place will make you enjoy your stay and forget about your worries in the world.     


What Are the Best Things to Do in Jamaica, a Tropical Haven Like No Other?

In case you knew little about the country, it’s our pleasure to uncover it for you, by being firsts at letting you know there’s a lot you can do in Jamaica. 


The classic go-to adventures are:

  • Visiting Saint Elizabeth’s waterfalls.
  • Zip-lining in the forest.
  • Rounding the island on ATVs.
  • Trying out bamboo rafting for couples.
  • Going on a catamaran tour and experiencing first-hand the crystal clear ocean.
  • Snorkeling.
  • Taking cuisine lessons. 


Book with Us, We Know Exactly What You Need for Your Special Celebration

Preparing your Jamaica wedding package or any other special celebration is a privilege Exquisite Vacations, Inc. won’t take for granted. 


It’s our mission to make you enjoy the stay in such a way it’ll be close to your heart, bringing a huge smile and shiny bright memories. 


Your package will be custom made! We’ll ensure it by spending quality time knowing about you, and by taking the best care for you and your special ones since the beginning of the journey to the return home.   


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