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Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Reasons to Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Vacation

Here are a few reasons to use a travel agent to book your travel package, destination wedding, honeymoon, and all trips with a travel agent!

  • You should use a travel agent to book your trip as more than likely you have not been to the destination and require the travel agent’s expertise especially if the agent has been there.
  • Travel agents save you time as they have a partnership with travel companies offering you the best value or offers for your vacation.
  • As travel agents recommend many hotels and resorts repeatedly, the hotels and resorts have their clients as preferred clients and receive special amenities on the resort.
  • Hotels and Resorts will upgrade a travel agent client first before the online travel agencies.
  • Travel agents can and will set up and organize special dinners, golf trips, and tours prior to your arrival at your destination.
  • Most travel agents like our agency send our clients special welcome amenities upon arrival at the resort.
  • Travel agents are destination experts and can share a few tips with you on how to enjoy the destination a little bit more than a regular traveler as travel agents love to explore the destination.
  • Your Travel Agent will advocate for you if your booked resorts do not deliver or when something goes wrong on your trip. Make sure to let your agent know as soon as it happens.
  • A travel agent will help remove all your stress and save you time as this is what they do all day – recommend and sell travel packages and customized itineraries.
  • A travel agent is your single point of contact for all your travel needs from consultation to after travel.
  • Your travel agent can put together your travel itinerary quicker than you can as they have the programs to do so and personalized just for you
  • Your travel agent will update you on all travel protocols for travel to your destination as they receive them sometimes in advance before you do or online.
  • A travel agent can let you know how updated a resort is as some hotels do not update their images as often as they should, hence you are looking at outdated photos of that hotel or resort.
  • A Travel agent will give you the most up-to-date information on a destination such as any political unrest, covid protocols, and more.
  • Your travel agent is licensed and insured which protects you for trips they book for you against suppliers. Travelers should always purchase trip insurance for every trip booked.
  • A travel agent will advise you on the difference between all-inclusive resorts, adults-only resorts, family resorts, and the best resort for destination wedding savings.
  • You will only need your name when you call your travel agent if you do not know who you are already, so you need to know your booking number or password.

If these reasons have helped you make a decision in booking a trip with us, let’s start planning! Click here