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Planning a Destination Wedding during Covid-19

As a destination wedding and travel planner, we had our work cut out for us when the pandemic hit us in March 2020. Not only did we have a destination wedding on the weekend, when the USA requested for all US citizens to return to the USA from all international destinations. We had to get our clients home – what a nightmare!

With the new changes so suddenly, we did not know what to expect. Some guests had sheltered in place based on the states they lived, some were in the military and were not allowed to travel, and some were in the medical field and were not allowed to travel. This meant some guests could not get to the destination to celebrate with our couple. But we stood by our clients and got everyone home safely to the USA who had traveled earlier than other guests including our beautiful couple. We had their wedding rescheduled to a later date and the guests who had arrived at the resort, return home with a future travel credit.

Not matter what is happening in this world, couples will always get married. This is a fact.

If you are planning to have a destination wedding during this pandemic, here are a few things you need to consider before you start planning:
– Have a realistic date in mind as you want to give your guests ample time to make payments as many have lost their jobs.
– Keep in mind your wedding will be smaller than you have in mind as some guests are still concern about traveling outside of the country
– Couples will need to be flexible in case you will need to reschedule your wedding date to a later time due to any unforeseen spike due to COVID after your date is booked with a resort
– Choose a resort that is affordable for your guests as everyone will have a different budget from yours
– Read your wedding contracts and hotel group blocks carefully as most businesses have changed their terms and conditions since COVID
– Some resorts will require less decoration for your ceremony and reception
– Always work with a travel professional who has either been to the resort you are planning to host your wedding or have the travel advisor recommend a resort for you.
– The key thing to remember is that you will need to be FLEXIBLE and willing to make changes and adapt quickly
– If you can get all the above done or adapt, you will have a fabulous stressfree destination wedding.

Couples planning a destination wedding are at an advantage as hotels and resorts are offering lots of group perks and incentives for a destination wedding.
– Ask your destination wedding travel planner for the resorts that are offering the best offers and most flexibility.
– Some hotel partners are allowing lower deposits to hold more rooms in a group block.
– Hotels and Resorts are now offering more perks and also wedding perks for smaller wedding groups
– Resorts and Hotels have curate new destination wedding packages to accommodate smaller destination wedding groups.
As COVID has changed many business operations and policy just like the airlines, for example, travel advisors have also changed their policy where a retainer will be required before a travel advisor will work with you on your destination wedding planning. Travel advisors want the reassurance you want to work with them and that couples value the travel advisors’ time and effort. Do not be alarmed if you are asked for a retainer by a planner or travel advisor.

For couples looking to book their destination wedding with us, we offer a dedicated page for their guests to shop for their accommodation options, submit a payment for their accommodation and also purchase trip cancellation insurance. A payment plan is also available for guest’s reservations and assistance for booking airfare, private car transportation, golf tee times, and spa reservations.

Let’s get your married in a tropical destination, wherever in the world it may be, the options are endless.

And remember, we love planning destination weddings & honeymoons!