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Perth Australia

Want to be in Australia and get everything that lies within having a great vacation?  Then experience Perth, Western Australia’s capital, where all the essential elements of a grand holiday come together.  Active and outgoing markets, dazzling inner city parks, outdoor dining, a mass of nightlife, marine adventures, and some of the country’s most amazing beaches, make up the remarkable capital Perth Australia.

Perth Australia is nestled in a natural amphitheater, bounded by Kings Park botanical gardens, and is adjacent to the widest stretch of the oblique Swan River.  The Swan River is an openhanded, calm river right at Perth’s entrance and divides the downtown area from the southern borders.

Rated as one of the most stunning cities in the world, Perth focuses on the central business area and the neighboring inner-city housing vicinities, putting forward a clean and accessible city environment that most visitors fall in love with. The city is without a doubt a “must-see” destination, as it is Western Australia’s heart for arts, entertainment, business, and government.

Perth Cultural Centre is one of the most famous attractions which features the Museum and Art Gallery, and the State Library. The shopping aficionados will find the broadest variety of boutiques and shops to be quiet appealing as sports fans with the football and cricket matches at the WACA ground and the strap up racing of Gloucester Park.

Getting around the city is never a problem as central Perth offers free public transportation. The well-known Transperth CAT bus service routes on a permanent east-west and north-south paths, making sure every traveler returns to where they’ve boarded.  There are also two major bus terminals, plus a central train station that transports to other towns in Perth and is an easy and economical alternative for travel.

The abundance of riverside and beachside restaurants, cafés, first-class golf courses, shopping options, deluxe accommodations, over eighty kilometers of white sandy beaches to get a perfect tan, and the myriad of outdoor activities are just a few of the outstanding experiences to enjoy in Perth Australia.

So get those bags packed, let your next vacation destination be Perth Australia, and savor the great flavor of a real grand vacation, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time, and anytime is the right time in Perth Australia!


Photo Credit: Tourism Australia