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My First 24 hours in Durban, South Africa

Arrived at the airport ontime for checkin so we could utilize the airport lounge at JFK. I met up with my group and after a round of wine and cheese, it was time to board Turkish Airlines destine for Durban, South Africa via Istanbul.

It’s my first time flying Turkish Airlines, business class seats and I must say, pretty impressive. Once we got seated in our assigned seats, a cocktail was offered followed by the al carte menu for our trip, noise canceling headphones and an amenity kit. We had a shoe rack with space to put small purses, amenity kit, blankets etc. right in-front our seats with ample leg room to spare.

Did I mentioned, this flight has WiFi onboard? So as the busy travel professional I am, I still get to catch up on my work across the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean and wifi is included for business and first-class passengers on board.

But the best is yet to come! There is an onboard chef who addresses you by name and takes your dinner order from an al carte menu.

When it was time to sleep, your flight attendant makes your bed with comforters and blankets so you enjoy an amazing and comfortable night sleep.

Turkish airlines provides the opportunity for clients to connect all over the world via Istanbul their hub. We are connecting in Istanbul enroute to Durban, South Africa.

We stopped over in Istanbul for about 9 hours ( a visa is required to leave the airport, cost only $20USD ) but our group opt to stay in the extensive business class lounge which has a 2 story restaurant offering lots of dining stations and beverage options. We played the golf simulator, some watch movie in the theater and of course we got a little shopping done during our long layover.

We had a day room use inside the business class lounge where we slept, shower and change before our last leg to Durban, South Africa via Johannesburg.

After sleeping for over 5 hours comfortably on board, it was time for breakfast before landing in Johannesburg for a quick layover on the plane enroute to Durban.

Upon arrival in Durban, we were met by our local driver swiftly taking us to our hotel for the night, the Elangeni & Maharani located on North Beach in Durban.

Dinner tonight was delightful at Jachina Grill and all our meals exceeded our expectations, cooked to perfection.

We finished the night from a rooftop bar with drinks and cocktails!

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