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Terms and Conditions

Exquisite Vacations Inc Booking Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Exquisite Vacations Inc. for your vacation experience!
We wish you a lifetime of memories on this trip and all your future travels with Exquisite Vacations Inc!


We also accept payments by Zelle and Wire Transfers.

We strongly recommend travel insurance for all trips as there is so much uncertainty and unexpectancy in today’s world. Feel free to add insurance on your trip if you have not already done so. Our recommended travel insurance provided is Travel Insured.
Please note travel insurance is required with your initial deposit. Please contact your travel advisor to inquire about the insurance costs for your trip. If you did not purchase trip insurance with your initial deposit, please purchase using the link below to insure your trip. We recommend purchasing trip insurance within 14 days of your initial deposit. Please note, Insurance is Declined unless otherwise stated on your invoice. Per travel insurance providers’ regulations, insurance is non-refundable AND non-transferable after purchase.


All deposits for your trip are non-refundable without the purchase of travel protection through Exquisite Vacations Inc with your package. Travel Insurance is required at the time of deposit and must be added with your initial deposit if purchasing the travel insurance through our travel wholesaler.

By making a booking at this time, you acknowledge the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk for yourself and any minors traveling with you, that you or they may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by traveling and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death.
You acknowledge that due to the uncertainty of travel at this time, your trip may be postponed or canceled or changes may be made to itineraries due to closures of certain sites or activities, for which there may be no refund. You may also be required to quarantine upon arrival in some locations. Some locations may require you to Have a vaccination or proof of negative testing. You must meet any requirements of any stopover countries listed in your itinerary. Upon re-entry to your home country, there may be additional requirements due to COVID-19. You are responsible for understanding these requirements and must not rely on Exquisite Vacations Inc to provide these details. You understand that you may become sick before the trip and may not be able to travel and such cancellation will be subject to our cancellation terms below. You also acknowledge that you may become sick during the trip and that your travel plans may change, for which we will not be liable.

You understand the description of the risks due to COVID-19 is not complete and that unknown or unanticipated risks may result in injury, illness, death or any other loss. You agree that having considered these risks, you, for yourself, and any minors traveling with you, desire to book travel at this time and that you freely and voluntarily assume complete personal responsibility for the risk of exposure, illness, death, delay, postponement, change, and cancellation due to COVID-19, for yourself and any minors traveling with you, even if such injuries or losses occur in a manner that is not foreseeable at the time the booking is made.
You agree that due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Exquisite Vacations Inc has strongly encouraged the purchase of travel protection coverage including cancellation for any reason coverage, and that should you fail to purchase travel protection coverage, Exquisite Vacations Inc shall not be liable to any losses whatsoever arising. A Covid-19 test is required to reenter the United States at your expense and cost varies by destination. Some destinations require a COVID-19 test to enter the country of destination you are traveling to at your expense.

Please click the link to view the current COVID requirements by destinations you are booked to travel. Please note this link is maintained by the destination and changes frequently, so do check back for the most up to date information before you depart for your trip.

– Invoice upon receipt to ensure all information is correct;
– Names – must be spelled EXACTLY as they appear on your passports;
– Exquisite Vacations Inc is not responsible for incorrect name spellings;
– Upgrades and requests are upon availability, not guaranteed;
– Documents will be sent anywhere between 10-14 days prior to departure or via E-docs.
– Please make sure you have proper documentation of your travel destination including any VISAs required.
– Airline cancellations, seat assignments, & schedule changes are not in Exquisite Vacations Inc control;
– Airfare cannot be guaranteed until airline tickets are paid in full. Airlines have the right to change fares, or for taxes or fees to increase without notice.
– Flights are subject to change by the airline. Please check with the airline 72 hours before each flight to reconfirm.
Federal law forbids the carriage of certain hazardous materials, such as aerosols, fireworks, and flammable liquids, aboard the aircraft. If you do not understand these restrictions, contact your airline or go to

Airlines have begun implementing charges for checked baggage. Please contact your
airline for complete details and charges.
Federal law prohibits the carriage of certain hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your
luggage or on your person and could result in a fine.

A Passport Book is REQUIRED for all International Trips and MUST be valid for 6 months
after the return travel date. Please use the link to apply for a passport book for your upcoming travel plans. We recommend that you apply at least 6 months prior to your departure date for a passport book.

– All cancellations are subject to a minimum fee of $100 per reservation by Exquisite Vacations Inc plus any applicable vendor fees.
– Cancellation 75 days prior to departure may result in fees from 50% to 100% of the invoice amount.
– All name and Itinerary changes are subject to $50 per reservation.
Any changes once documents have been issued will attract a reissue fee of $25 per document.
– Past Due invoices are subject to a $50 late fee.
– All returned check fees are $50 per check.
– Exquisite Vacations Inc as travel broker for all Vendors/Tour Operators encloses vendor terms and restrictions with travel documents.
– Exquisite Vacations Inc is not responsible for changes in airline schedules, cruise itineraries, or gov’t tax increases.
– Distribution of all documents requires proof of delivery as authorized plus a $15
the document shipping fee will apply.
– Acknowledgement of this invoice as delivered constitutes acceptance and agreement to pay according to terms and conditions as attached and by any credit issuer.
Thanks for your business and your support!