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Amazing Birthday Trip to Dubai!

As a travel advisor, the world has countless destinations to celebrate a milestone birthday! But due to the pandemic, and border closures around the world, I made the choice to celebrate my birthday in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is one of the safest destinations you can visit at the moment for a vacation and is considered safe. Everyone visiting Dubai must complete a PCR test within 96 hours of your departing flight time. As our flight was departing from New York at 11 pm, we only had 72 hours to take our PCR test and receive our negative results in order to travel to Dubai.

I believe that is the most stressful part of the trip planning- to get your test results back in time for your departing flight to the destination. To celebrate this milestone, our luxury travel advisor, Michelle came along to celebrate with me!

The celebration began with a full view of the lighted Burj Khalifa from my downtown hotel window. We started my birthday morning with a visit to the world’s tallest building – yes the Burj Khalifa.

Flying to Dubai can take more than 13 hours depending on which city you are flying from. Our flight from New York was a little over 13 hours nonstop, but most excitingly we woke up the next morning in Dubai for my birthday!

A trip to Dubai is never complete without a tour of the safari desert. There are many options of experiencing the desert but this time we did it to include drives over the sand dunes which was so much fun! We took camel rides within our desert camp followed by entertainment within the camp VIP style, of course, it’s my birthday!

During our stay, we explored the attractions that were opened to the public and took advantage of a private tour of the largest frame in the world – the Dubai Frame. The highlight of this attraction was to walk over the see-through walkway that opens up to a view below on every step ( trust me, not for the faint of heart, so don’t look down! ) I looked down a few times but as you can see I was very scared.

One of the highlights of our trip was a helicopter ride over the Palms! You get a clear birds-eye view of the resorts and a full view of the Palms. What a spectacular experience!

If you know me well enough I love the water so we took a yacht cruise around the Palms at sunset. This is a very popular tour for everyone visiting Dubai as you get to see so much from the ocean but it’s the sunset views that are the true highlight of this experience.

On our many visits to Dubai, we decided to enjoy the beaches of Juremiah so the day was spent on the beach of one of our resorts. If you are looking for a great pool and beach service with great music and great vibes, this is the place to be for any celebration trip to Dubai!

As we are traveling during a pandemic, and this time of the year is also very hot ( the month of September) with temperatures of up to 105 degrees, we took some time out to inspect a few resorts for our clients looking to visit and vacation in Dubai.

But our trip would not be complete without searching for a Jamaican restaurant in Dubai; not only did we find one but we found two of the best Jamaican restaurants in Dubai, Ting Irie and Miss Lily’s! The staff at Miss Lilies did let me feel special as they sang Happy Birthday to me and presented me with a slice of Jamaican fruit cake!

Now that we have shared some highlights of my birthday trip, who is ready to visit Dubai?