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all-inclusive resorts with water parks in miami

Bring your Family To These All-Inclusive Resorts With Water Parks

Whether it is summer or a holiday break, it pays to spend enough time with your family. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your kids running around in all-inclusive resorts with water parks… Total bliss, right? The truth is that your family comes first before work or anything else. At Exquisite Vacations, Inc. we want you to think about the potential of taking them for a vacation this season. While we are based in Miami, we cater to clientele from all over the world who are looking to travel to the caribbean.


Children love vacations. It allows them to see and experience new things as well as meet and learn from new friends. They will always tell the stories of what they did during their vacation. Why deny them this wonderful opportunity? You need these moments too; after all, they help you clear your head and get you feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. So, what are you waiting for? You should be on the next flight with your family, headed for an all-inclusive resort.


But wait, what if you don’t know where to begin looking for the perfect sumer destination for you and your family? Don’t fret; this is what this post is about – to point you the places that are worth spending time in and have amazing on-premise waterparks for the family to enjoy. If you are in Miami or even up in New York,  take a look at some of our favorite holiday destinations you and your family will enjoy below.


Some Nice All-Inclusive Resorts With Water Parks


  •         Hard Rock Riviera Maya

If you’ve never heard of this place, then you obviously need a tour as soon as possible. Almost every travel lover  knows the Hard Rock Riviera Maya because it is a dream resort center for most people. It has all that you will need for a vacation. Get away from the bustle of noisy cities. From children’s toys to spacious playgrounds, picnic centers, standard rooms, and most importantly, a clear view of the relaxed water, so much care has been taken to make this property what it is today. It is easy to say that it has grown to become one of the most beautiful water park resorts around the world. No doubt, a moment here will bond your family, clear your head and motivate you to continue to pursue your goals.


  •         The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun

One look at the name of this resort, and you can tell that it is a beauty to behold. This resort offers more than you can imagine in terms of fun and total peace of mind. The resort is an exciting way to bring the Mexican feel into your holiday. Get your kids laughing at their experience as they mingle effortlessly with other kids or grab a local Mexican meal with the love of your life. Whichever way you choose to enjoy this hotel, it is sure to leave you and your family with fantastic stories to tell. The waterpark is robust and offers many slides and options to keep everyone entertained for hours and hours.


  •         Riu Palace Costa Mujeres

Riu Palace Costa Mujeres

There’s probably no better place to pack your bags for if you desire to experience the beauty of the South American culture. You can book this online or right from our office located in the heart of Miami. The Riu Palace Costa Mujeres has everything you love about resorts; from colorful cultures to tasty meals and unstoppable fun. Take time off your busy schedule now and spend some family time in this place.


There’s no better time to bond with your family than now. Contact us now to learn more about each of these all-inclusive resorts with water parks. Exquisite Vacations, Inc. is located in Miami, and it might be your first step to start a better life with your family.