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4 Things You Must Do With Your Destination Wedding Party in Argentina

There is no short supply of things to do, places to visit, and new experiences to absorb in Argentina for you and your wedding party.

Known for its rich cultural history, decadent wines, landscapes, and football prowess, you are in the absolute right place designed to give your party a thrilling time.



  • Experience the Perito Moreno Glacier

The series of activities that happen here in a short space to create a magical moment in nature is genuinely indescribable.

We wager you’ll be stunned by the sight of the glacier crashing into the south end of the Lago Argentino. You’ll see heavy chunks of ice blocks fall off the glacier and into the welcoming waters below.

Being in the presence of the world-famous glacier is nothing short of awe-striking. Do not leave Argentina if you haven’t taken in the Perito Moreno Glacier in all of its glory.



  • Sway to the Rythm of A Milonga

To walk in Argentina is to walk in the land of the tango. This beautiful and rhythmic dance has welcomed a tremendous new audience in recent years and has seen remarkable growth.

So take your wedding party to any traditional dancehalls for a basic tango event, the milonga, and get your hips swaying in practice for your big day!

Suppose you decide you are no fit for a Milonga. In that case, you can still take your party to enjoy the vision of dancers gliding across the floor. So book a class, put on your dancing shoes, and get your tango on!



  • Catch the View of Southern Right Whales Close-Up

Suppose your destination wedding scheduled for Argentina falls between June and mid-December. In that case, you should treat your party to a whale-viewing experience at the Puerto Piramide.

The waters nearby become temporal homes to the migrating southern right whales. There are not many experiences that beat the adrenaline of watching these water lords from the proximity of a boat.



  • Discover the Ruta del Vino

Nothing makes for a great day out like visiting a vineyard with your party and savoring great wines and cheeses. These vineyards of Cafayate are some of the highest vineyards globally and were originated in the seventeenth century by the Jesuits.

Have a taste of the tender yet bubbly white wine they produce with an acidity that pairs well with seafood. Then, if you are feeling generous, you can gift your wedding party a bottle to take home as a souvenir.


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