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4 Most Beautiful Thailand Beaches

Thailand without a doubt is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For those that have traveled to this untouched beautiful place, knows that it holds some of the best vacation experiences. Due to the wide amount of historical culture that overflows the countryside, there’s never a shortage of things to do. With the land untouched by development, you will discover what it’s like to live in pure relaxation and peace. Thailand is a playground of tranquility, especially when it comes to their beach areas.

First up we have a beautiful paradise that offers a remote vacation you’ve probably never experienced before called Khao Lak, which is a brief drive from the airport. Because the area is largely uninhabited, you can experience the extravagant rain forest close by along with a whole host of wildlife. The water stays warm from November through December and the fishing and scuba diving is the kind of scenery you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Second, comes Phuket Thailand Beach (in no order of favorites of course). Visit this resort November through March when there’s more than enough to do. It’s popular compared to other beaches as this is the area where scuba diving is top-notch and you will find some of the warmest clearest water on this planet. There are several nearby attractions to keep anyone and everyone busy for a few weeks!

Phi Phi Don Thailand beach is quite a 360. Before Hollywood came in and filmed a movie here this place was nearly unknown. It is now understood to be one of the most famous beaches in the entire country and is often visited by many celebrity A-listers. With the breathtaking views and the water warm, this place is nothing but inviting.

Last but not least we have the West Raily Thailand beach which is one of the undiscovered diamonds in the rough. This place is rarely expensive, and fortunately, one can stay at the “resort” for about a week and not break the bank. Back again with warm water and creamy white sands, and popularity with scuba diving and fishing, this location is only accessible by long-tail boat, so sit back and enjoy the nice (and long) ride.