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3 Best Foods to Enjoy In Mexico For Your Destination Wedding

Some perks come with choosing Mexico as the destination for your wedding—picturesque beaches with turquoise waters and pristine white sands. And expect beachfront pools and exquisite hotels too. And as a plus, you don’t need to worry about the decorations for your wedding!

However, food and drinks are details you should pay much attention to. We say this because your guest may arrive quite hungry no matter how lovely your ceremony is.

It would be best if you served them delectable food when they’re seated and ready to help you celebrate your big day. Below are some quality Mexican meals your guests can enjoy at your wedding!



  • Tacos

Tacos are a reliable meal that your guests are certainly going to enjoy. Tacos are tender and incredibly delicious. If the tacos fillings are cooked onsite, that’s perfect, but if they aren’t, guests can always dress their tacos with several toppings to suit their tastes best.


  • Churros

Churros is a meal that you can also cook onsite for your guests. Meals made on the spot taste very fresh and do wonders for the senses. We wager that even watching the meal get cooked can have you eager to sink your teeth into it!

Churros are deep-fried Mexican pastries that look like long donuts. You can top the sweet delicacies with cinnamon or dip them into sweet chocolate!



  • Mexican Snacks

You can start your party by serving your guests chips or guacamole. You could also make a Mexican-style beer like michelada available on your menu.

This beer is an appetizer on its own, and it’s sure to put your guests in a cheerful mood. Good food puts you in a good mood!


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