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2 Amazing Resorts In Mexico For a Destination Wedding

Choosing Mexico as the country for your destination wedding means one thing. You’ve chosen to get married with the warm sun high above, the soft golden sand beneath your feet, and sweet Magariita wetting your lips!

There are many beach resorts in Mexico where you can host your wedding, particularly in the Riviera Maya. That means that you have several options and won’t need to worry about the perfect wedding venue.

But when selecting a beach venue, you have to consider the size and vibe of your wedding. Mexican resorts have several event spaces, some of which are suitable for lavish nuptials and weddings that require a more intimate atmosphere with a small list of guests.

However, regardless of what choice you make, we assure you that you’ll have a great time! Below are a few recommended resorts for weddings in Mexico!



  • Best Beachfront: Hotel Esencia, Tulum

Every nook and cranny of this luxurious acreage is breathtaking. Its long-distance beach has pristine stretches of sand.

There are lovely trees and plants erected throughout the beach, which gives it an ethereal vibe. You know, like something out of a jungle, offering a great magnitude of privacy. However, the hotel can only contain about a hundred guests, so it’s best suitable for a less elaborate wedding.

If you choose to host a grand wedding, many suites and lovely villas await you.  And there are numerous picturesque spots for cocktails and brunches. Then, of course, there are oceanfront pools and late-night beach bonfires too!


  • Best Resort for Foodies: Viceroy Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen

 Guests love to feel important, and this stunning villa will do justice to that feeling. The wedding package comprises five complimentary nights for the couple. It also comes with two nights for a return stay on your anniversary with reasonable discounts for spa treatments for your guests, hair and nail-care treatment.

We have to talk about the food here too! La Marea, the property’s dining restaurant, is a top culinary spot for your wedding reception with top-tier dishes like lobster medallions, fresh oysters, and many more quality condiments! And visit the Playa del Carmen landmark to get the royal treatment you deserve as a couple with your guests.


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